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What is "Made in Blr"?
Bangalore is the capital city of Karnatakta, a state in Southern India.
"Made in Blr" (an affectionate short form for Bangalore), is an initiative to brand the great companies that build and make their products and services out of Bangalore. It is an initiative to drive pride in what is built in Bangalore, and showcase it to the world.
OK, but what's the point?
Bangalore is a growing metropolitan. It is often referred to as the Silicon Valley of India.
However, if Bangalore should continue to shine at the global stage we need to showcase all that is made in Bangalore. It's about showing off the pride Bangaloreans have in building something in this great city and its marking or stamping the pride in it through "Made in Blr"
Who can be added to this list? Can we apply?
It's fairly simple...
You will then be listed on this website and featured as one of the great products being made out of Bangalore.
How does it benefit my company?
Again, it's fairly simple...
And there are many more advantages that you will start seeing over time...
OK, but what if we have an office in Bangalore?
Simple (did we already say that?). If your product is not made here or your service not offered from Bangalore, then it does not qualify to be featured here. If all you have is an office with some staff, but everything else happens outside Bangalore, you will not be eligible for this initiative.
However, you should seriously consider moving it to Bangalore, cause Bangalore definitely has what you need :)
So who is behind this initiative?
The initiative was started by Kiran Menon & Nikhil Gurjer, the Co-Founders of Tydy and Helen Issar, Founder of Penny Lane Social.
We are three entrepreneurs who are very proud of the Bangalore upbringing and have built our startups out of Bangalore. We are inspired by what the guys at "Made in NYC" have successfully created. If you have suggestions and feedback, send them to kiran(at)tydy.it. We love listening to all of them.
I/we would like to contribute to this initiative. Where do I go from here?
We are always looking for volunteers who are willing to contribute their time and skills. Please send us an email to kiran(at)tydy.it and we will get back to you immediately.